Opelousas Junior High School

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School Day Start Time

O.J.H.S. classes begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 2:40 p.m. Monday through Friday! ANY STUDENT ARRIVING AFTER 7:35 MUST HAVE AN ADULT SIGN THEM IN!!!!!

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BETA induction

O.J.H.S. Junior BETA Ceremony

unity billboard
Superintendent shows thumbs up to students.

Superintendent Jenkins gives OJ a thumbs up!

St. Landry Parish students

Opelousas Junior High School students awaited "front & center" for the St. Landry Parish Young Blast to begin. 

2017-2018 OJ Cheer Squad

2017 - 2018 OJ Cheer Squad

hbcu day

National HBCU Day

cafateria ladies as bunnies

O.J.H.S.'s Cafeteria Personnel lovingly served meals with bunny ears in celebration of the holiday and upcoming testing as they gave "ear-fulls" about eating right before, during, and after testing.

Police officers holding tiger head

O.P.D. Officers are in support of O.J.H.S.'s new "Positive Growth Mindset" endeavor! When you walk through these doors expect to receive a positive encouraging and nurturing environment!

OJHS Poetry Club

OJHS Poetry Club

Class does school improvement

Mr. Arvie's JTC Class's O.J. enhancement.

Special Education and Journeys to Careers Students work together

Mrs. Jackson's Special Education Autism Class Collaborated with Mr. Arvie's Journeys To Careers classes on gardening. 

O.J. staff and student in unity showing number one finger
We stand as ONE against Bullying! 
O.J. administration and teachers

O.J.H.S.'s administration and faculty supporting Junior Beta Induction.

OJ basketball

2018 MLK Basketball Tournament

pi day math class

Ms. Sias's Math classes use technology in their Pi Day Monster Math Activity with rewards of various edible pies.

Flashlight Friday

Flashlight Fridays: Discover Learning in a NEW Way.

student government

2017-2018 Student Government Association

various languages of thank you billboard
math contestants

OJ Mathletes competed at Northside High

Male minds at work

O.J.H.S.'s administration and teachers finding solutions.

teacher signing

O.J.H.S.'s Paraprofessional Ms. Davis translates, via sign language, as Superintendent Jenkins speaks on "Remaining Focused".

growth mindset encouragement

O.J.H.S. has adopted the motivational proposal of obtaining and maintaining a Positive Growth Mindset. Pictured is Ms. A. Johnson and her "Growth Mindset"!

2018 student of the year

Tamia Tezeno is OJ's Student of the Year. 

district champs

2017-2018 Football District Champs

Superintendent Jenkins

Superintendent Jenkins welcomed O.J. to the 2017 St. Landry Parish Youth Blast.

student art work about mindset

Growth Mindset charts were created by Ms. L. Green's ELA classes to enhance the schoolwide concept of expanding the mindset of the 2017-2018 O.J.H.S. educational experience.

OJ Teachers Hard At Work

OJ Teachers Hard At Work

believe billboard
motivational billboard

SLPSB Vision & Mission

Vision Statement: The St. Landry Parish School Board will promote excellence in education for all citizens.

Mission Statement: The mission of the St. Landry Parish School Board is to ensure high quality instruction while working collaboratively with families and communities to maximize every student's potential.

News & Announcements

School Day Start Time

man announcing

O.J.H.S. classes begin at 7:30 a.m. and end at 2:40 p.m. Monday through Friday! ANY STUDENT ARRIVING AFTER 7:35 MUST HAVE AN ADULT SIGN THEM IN!!!!!

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